Why is my DrivePro Body camera not working? Or why the buttons don't respond when pressed?

Category : Setup / Operation
Please follow the troubleshooting methods as indicated below:
1. Please LONG press the power button to reboot the DrivePro Body.
2. If it is still not responding, please LONG press the reset button with a pin or the tip of a paper clip for one second to initiate the power of the DrivePro Body.
3. Then, please connect your DrivePro Body to the computer and run DrivePro Body Toolbox to perform the “Reset” or “Erase/Reset" function.
Path: DrivePro Body Toolbox → Tools → Reset Device → Select "Reset" or "Erase/Reset"
4. Please check whether the “Firmware Version” is the latest.
5. Please check your DrivePro Body again.
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